About Me

Hi, my Chinese name is Wing Sze and my English name is Kitty. Together my full name becomes Wing Sze Kitty Lo, but you can just call me Kitty. 

My story begins in Hong Kong, but my path took an exciting turn when I moved to the UK in 2003. Years later, I pursued an undergraduate degree in Business Management and Japanese Studies at The University of Manchester. To fully immerse myself in the Japanese culture and language, I studied abroad at Kanagawa University (神奈川大学), Japan, for one transformative year. I then returned home to finish my studies and graduated in 2020 with a prestigious joint honours degree (2:1).

Undeterred by entering the workforce at the start of the pandemic, I thrived in a remote environment, working with an international team focused on the Japanese market as a Operational Specialist. My fluency in Japanese proved invaluable as I helped clients streamline their work and boost productivity. This experience solidified my passion for using communication and collaboration to create positive outcomes.

Returning to The University of Manchester, I took the reins as a Communications, Events, and Project Intern, within the Research Platforms team - Digital Futures & Sustainable Futures. My dedication and skillset were recognized, leading to a promotion to Team Administrator. Now, as the Communications & Engagement Coordinator, I leverage my communication skills and marketing and event management knowledge to build connections, successfully manage knowledge transfer projects, and deliver impactful events.

Looking ahead, I'm excited to further develop my career in the world of event management and marketing. Building on my character and skillset, I aspire to become a respected and reliable leader in the industry.

I'm always eager to explore new opportunities that leverage my skills and experience. If you have any relevant projects or positions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

My contact details and CV are available for your review at the header and footer of this page or you can reach out via the "Contact me" section.

*I am currently based in Leeds/Manchester, UK, but I am open to relocate*

Interests, Hobbies and Guilty Pleasures

  • Experiential marketing 
  • Social media and content creation
  • Design and aesthetics 
  • Innovation & novelty 
  • Mentorship & networking 
  • Personal development 
  • Technology 
  • Finance 
  • New experiences (Travelling/Trying out new things)
  • Exploring the culinary world
  • Psychology
  • Reading & Podcasts
  • Film and TV 
  • Comedy (Stand up & Improv)